Presumed Parentage for Same-Sex Couples

Presumed Parentage for Same-Sex Couples By: Michele Zavos, Partner & Rebekah DeHaven, Associate ZAVOS LAW [NB: This article is in response to an article on Presumed Parentage published in the Summer issue of this newsletter.] Given the dizzying changes to the rights and responsibilities of same-sex couples over the past ten years, it is no […] Read More

Learn from Aretha!

Apparently Aretha Franklin, who had an estate worth $80 million, died without writing a Last Will and Testament. But, since she did not write her own Will, the State of Michigan, where I assume she resided, wrote it for her. And everyone in Michigan who did not proactively write their own Will gets the same […] Read More

Happy and Grateful Clients!

A Satisfied Client’s Testimonial of the LGBT Family Law Attorneys at ZAVOS LAW My wife and I have had a phenomenal experience with the team at Zavos Juncker Law. Not only are they beyond professional–prompt, organized, and deeply savvy with decades of experience in LGBTQ law in MD, VA, and D.C.–but they also bring a […] Read More

Cross-Border Same-Sex Divorce Proceedings

Cross-Border Same-Sex Divorce Proceedings When a couple decides to break up after entering into a legally binding marriage, things can get complicated. Marriage binds two people together and legally combines their property, finances, rights, and benefits. When a married couple decides to part, all of these things must be divided equitably between the two. If […] Read More

Federal Benefits for Same-Sex Married Couples

Federal Benefits for Same-Sex Married Couples Over the past several decades, the tide has been dramatically shifting in regards to the civil rights of LGBT individuals. Today, same-sex couples are afforded federal marriage benefits similar to those that heterosexual married couples have been enjoying for centuries. In the summer of 2013, the United States Supreme […] Read More