Cross-Border Same-Sex Divorce Proceedings

Divorce Attorneys in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.When a couple decides to break up after entering into a legally binding marriage, things can get complicated. Marriage binds two people together and legally combines their property, finances, rights, and benefits. When a married couple decides to part, all of these things must be divided equitably between the two. If you thought divorce between a heterosexual couple was complicated, then imagine how complicated it can get when same-sex couples are legally registered in more than one area.

Undoing a gay marriage, civil union, or domestic partnership is more complicated because rules vary depending on where you entered into your same-sex partnership. The laws have been changing rapidly over the last several decades, so many couples have registered in different areas or have gone through different procedures to obtain rights similar to those enjoyed by married heterosexual couples. The recent legalization of same-sex marriages in the U.S. has caused several states to merge valid civil unions into legally recognized marriages.

Changing Your Legal Status After a Same-Sex Divorce

If you decide to break up with your same-sex partner, then you have to change your legal status. When you fail to do so, you’ll remain financially and legally bound to your partner even if the union didn’t have much legal authority when you entered into it. You’ll need to dissolve any and all of the legal partnerships and agreements that the two of you entered into together.

Local registrations are fairly easy to dissolve with the proper termination form. To terminate the marriage on the state level, you’ll likely need to go through a local family court. Due to residency issues, this could be extremely confusing.

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