Lawyer for Power of Attorney in Maryland and the District of Columbia

Life planning is not limited to writing a will or establishing a trust to distribute assets after death. It also involves naming desired treatment options and authorizing others to speak for you if you are unable to make your wishes known. Michele ZAvos at ZAVOS LAW will help you complete all the necessary legal documents so that you can rest assured that you have planned and articulated your wishes for medical care and end of life matters.

Examples of Michele Zavos’ Life Planning Services in the Washington, D.C. Area

Michele Zavos can help clients with documents such as:

  • Durable powers of attorney for health care.
  • General powers of attorney for finances.
  • HIPAA documents for access to health care records.
  • Final arrangements designation.
  • Living wills.
  • Drafting these documents allows individuals:.
  • To designate a friend or family member to speak on their behalf in the hospital.
  • Manage their finances if they can no longer do so.
  • Name people who can have access to their health care records.
  • State whether they wish to have life support or palliative care in certain circumstances.
  • Name a person to carry out wishes for funeral, burial, cremation, or memorial service.

Helping Maryland and D.C. Clients Establish Legal Relationships with Their Children

Michele Zavos also prepares individualized documents to help establish legal relationships with children. Those documents include:

  • Designations of Standby Guardians
  • Temporary Guardianships and Powers of Attorney for Health Care
  • Nominations of Guardians within a Last Will and Testament

These estate-planning tools can give you peace of mind and the ability to face the future with confidence.

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