Wills and Trusts Attorney for Maryland and District of Columbia

Wills are a central part of the estate planning process. Writing a will or creating a trust if appropriate is a way for individuals to protect their assets and determine how those assets will be distributed after their deaths. At ZAVOS LAW, Michele Zavos helps clients accomplish these goals, using her almost 40 years of experience and knowledge of the laws governing wills and trusts.

Examples of the Wills and Trusts Services in the Washington, D.C. Area

Michele Zavos  helps clients draft their last Will and Testament, including testamentary trusts for estate tax planning purposes, and manage assets for children until they reach an appropriate age to own assets in their own names. She pays careful attention to the financial and medical circumstances of clients and their families, suggesting a comprehensive plan tailored to their situations.

She approaches the estate planning process in a holistic manner – determining your goals, reviewing your assets, making suggestions regarding life insurance, and referring you to other appropriate professionals. She also reviews your beneficiary designations for life insurance and retirement assets and ensure that these designations are part of your new estate plan.

Michele pays careful attention to the needs of clients who are unmarried couples. Without the protections offered by wills, trusts, and other life-planning documents, your assets might go to someone other than your partner and your end-of-life wishes might not be carried out. Michele helps non-married couples protect themselves and each other by drafting wills and trusts.

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