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From the very beginning stages of family formation, to the later stages of elder care and life planning, Michele Zavos of ZAVOS LAW helps clients ensure that their loved ones, their assets, and their legal rights are protected. Michele has developed a reputation for highly knowledgeable and dedicated service to intended parents seeking to grow their families.

Michele brings almost 40 years of experience and an extensive history of helping all types of parents grow their families. Clients include married and unmarried couples, single individuals, LGBT couples, grandparents, and other interested parties. Michele helps people throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia.

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Michele Zavos ensures that all legal documents are in order and will protect her clients’ rights to their children through:

Michele has a special focus on helping French couples and members of the Deaf community who wish to enter surrogacy arrangements in the United States. Michele speaks passable French and provides sign language interpreters to clients at no cost. Whatever your type of family, you can be assured that Michele has both the knowledge and experience to allow you to find the best possible approach to expand your family.

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