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Individuals who wish to start families but who cannot do so without assistance often turn to sperm or egg donation and gestational carrier arrangements that allow them to have children. In each situation, it is critical to have the rights and responsibilities of all parties clearly established to avoid future problems and protect the children born because of surrogacy.

Experienced Maryland Family Formation Lawyer – Leader in the Legal Aspects of Assisted Reproductive Technology

Michele ZAvos of ZAVOS LAW is a leader in the legal aspects of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). Attorney Zavos was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys and has represented many clients who choose to bring children into their families through surrogacy arrangements. Michele has strong relationships with surrogacy agencies, fertility centers, and egg and sperm donation agencies, and consults with clients on how best to pursue a gestational surrogacy.

How ZAVOS LAW Assists Families with Gestational Carrier Agreements in Maryland and D.C.

Michele Zavos prepares and reviews gestational carrier agreements, review contracts with surrogacy agencies, and seeks pre-birth and post-birth orders so that intended parents will have legal rights to their child as quickly as possible. Michele is experienced in all matters related to assisted reproductive technology, including advising clients of the legal aspects of ART, recommending surrogacy agencies, obtaining pre- and post-birth orders, and assisting foreign nationals pursuing surrogacy in the United States. Michele also handles the legal work related to egg, embryo, and sperm donations, as well as adoption matters arising out of ART.

The Clients Michele Helps with Surrogacy and Related Matters in Washington, D.C.

Michele’s clients are single parents, same-sex couples, transgender parents, and opposite-sex couples. Although their reasons for employing surrogates or gestational carriers vary, ZAVOS LAW clients find that attorney Michele Zavos is fiercely dedicated to protecting them and their children as they begin to build their families.

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